The 44th American President

Barack Obama


Obama – A new page turned for the world

Congrats to Obama, the world rejoices! Let’s hope he can back up his words with his actions now.  A place to look initially will be healthcare and Iraq.  I found a disturbing graph which highlights why a controlled withdrawl is neccesary:

Semifiction signing back in …

My bad, I took a slightly longer vacation than first expected.  Yes, a swell holiday except getting snowed in, in Queenstown.  I vow to never fly Qantas airlines again.  Air New Zealand had the right GPS gear to land in Queenstown but Qantas’ planes were out of date so they kindly put us on a bus for 8 hours and then had to wait 2 days till another flight, no costs paid for, alas a fantastic trip beside this.

I made it back just in time to get to Meshuggah’s gig as well which was fantastic.  It’s almost uncanny how Sweden can produce pop sensations ABBA and also down-tuned, polyrhythmic Meshuggah madness.

Guess what? – I voted today, yip about 3 weeks early, a special vote if your heading out of town.  I voted for a centre-left/democrat party to give you a hint.

Phew, last paragrah I promise … Google Reader led me to a fantastic new device that will make even the iphone look like an obsolete pile of plastic – check out the video, Nokia Morph:

Semi fiction on tour …

So no posts for about 10 days or so

Keep well

Views of Queenstown from the Skyline Gondola

Piracy clarification – a handy guide

Websites – 1998-2008 … 2018?

I found an interesting article about webpages from 1998 and how they look now.  Gosh, the webpages from 98′ look so old fashioned it makes me wonder if we will look at the iphone on Apple’s webpage for example in 10 years time and say, “Can you remember that iphone, it was so limited in what it could do”.  Take a look for your self.  Where and what do you think technology will be up to in a decade from now?





Professional Photography

This post is slighty juvenile but reminds me of fun times in Indonesia.

How Japanese Take The Photo

How Japanese Take The Photo